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Considering Hosting a Catholic Speaker at Your Parish?

St. Joseph's Communications is a Catholic speakers bureau that has a variety of exciting Catholic speakers available for speaking engagements. Well-known speakers include Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Tim Staples, Fr. William Casey, Johnny and Jesse Romero, Father Mitch Pacwa, Bob Fishman, and Kristine Franklin. Many of them have been guests or hosts on the Eternal Word Television Network. Most charge a minimal speaking fee of between $350-$450 per speaking engagement plus travel and lodging expenses. Most are open to staying at a rectory, retreat center or private home to keep costs down. For more information, call 1-877-526-2151, or write St. Joseph Communications, P.O. Box 720, West Covina, CA 91793.

If the purpose of hosting a Catholic speaking event is to evangelize people in your community outside the Catholic Church, we suggest that you find a neutral place to hold the event, preferably a civic center or similar public assembly hall, not the Church. The reason you want to hold it in a neutral site, is you want to invite people of all faiths to come to the event. Once you've got some dates on the availability of the location, book your speaker.

Publicize the event beginning at least a month ahead of time through the Church bulletin, public service announcements, and advertisements in the Religion Section of the local newspaper. Be sure to contact the Religion Editor at the local paper and suggest she/he do a story on the speaker. Ask for the Speaker's biography and send it to the editor, along with a video tape or cassette tape of the speaker, if there is one available. Two weeks before the event, send a letter to non-Catholic Churches on your list inviting their congregation to come to the speaking event. The letter should be carefully worded, stating that the purpose of the event is to educate people of other denominations about the Catholic faith and to promote understanding between Christians of all denominations. Also, two weeks before the event, you may want to boost your publicity by placing announcements on telephone poles or handing out flyers.

Be sure to tell the speaker that the audience for his/her talk will be interdenominational and should have a conciliatory and ecumenical spirit.On the day of the speaking engagement, be sure to have a hospitality team available to greet the guests and make them feel at home. Also have a table with free Catholic literature available and a sign-up sheet for those people who would like to request additional information. The hospitality team should also be available to say good-bye to the guests as they leave and let them know that they are always welcome to visit a Catholic Church for worship services at any time.

Here are some Catholic speakers you might consider:

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